Vitamin D for Muscles and Bones

Vitamin D for Muscles and Bones


Vitamin D improves the uptake of calcium. Our muscles can only work properly if we get enough Vitamin D through sunlight or through nutrition. A deficiency of vitamin D can cause muscle weakness and muscle cramps. Vitamin D stimulates the muscle growth and muscle function.

Bones & Teeth

Vitamin D and bones and teeth. The human skeleton is made up of many different types of bones, 206 in total to be exact. A full set of an adult person will amount to 32 teeth in total and we want to keep them healthy and strong as long as possible. Vitamin D is important for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D stimulates the absorption of calcium in the intestines. Calcium is important for the mineralization of bone (bone formation) and for a high bone density. Therefore, it calcium is essential for strong bones.


Omega-3 improves the absorption of calcium. It is good for bones, teeth and muscles.

Möllers Omega-3

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