Superior Taste Award for Möller’s cod liver oil

Möller’s Omega-3 has in 2022 again been awarded the Superior Taste Award!

Our Möller’s in the green bottle is the cod liver oil with best taste. The Superior Taste Award is a prize that is awarded annually for best taste and best quality. Taste is of great importance in a supplement like Möller’s Omega-3. Good taste represents good quality of the unique fish oil.

A large jury of 175 experts from the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels has assessed the taste of Möller’s Omega-3. All 4 flavors Möller’s Omega-3 -Natural, Lemon, Tutti Frutti and Apple- have been awarded this prestigious prize in 2022.

What makes our cod liver oil so good?

Möller’s Omega-3 is pure cod liver oil, which means that the oil derives from the liver of fresh fish. Cod liver oil has always been known to be very healthy. However, the cod liver oil from the past was not always that tasty. The oil was often oxidized in the past. That means the omega-3 ftty acids were exposed to oxygen and the oil became rancid. Today, omega-3 fatty acids are protected against oxidation. Firstly, the cod liver oil is produced in an oxygen-free environment. Secondly, an antioxidant is added (vitamin E). Thirdly, the oil is bottled very quickly in a green glass bottle, which limits exposure to light. This protection against oxidation ensures that the taste is very neutral and soft. By adding a natural aroma, a fresh and soft oil is the result. For Möller’s the liver of sustainably caught Arctic cod fish is used. Through the unique Möller method a pure, high-quality cod liver oil is produced, very rich in omega-3 ánd vitamin A and D.

This award for Superior Taste proves that Möller’s Omega-3 is very fresh and tastes very good. Cod liver oil is still considered to be very healthy. Not only because of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids, but also because of the vitamins A and D. Möller’s Omega-3; it just feels so good!

Try the delicious taste of Möller’s Omega-3 yourself! Did you know… you only need 1 dessert spoon per day?

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